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BingoColonial.com general terms & conditions


a. Read carefully the following general terms & conditions. By using or opening an account at BingoColonial.com or at any of its sub domains or applications the user accepts the general terms & conditions mentioned in this document, as well as the terms described on the Responsible Gaming, Legislation and Privacy Policy sections and the rules of each promotion. If you do not agree with any of these policies we advise not to place any bets on the website.

b. These general terms & conditions also apply to the bets placed through the mobile version of the website BingoColonial.com.

c. BingoColonial is authorized to modify the terms and conditions at any time and without previous notice if necessary. We suggest the users to review the terms regularly in order to keep informed and updated.

d. The user allows BingoColonial.com to share personal information to its duly authorized commercial associates in order to enable the provision of the services offered by these partners. The commercial partners must accept and follow our privacy policy through the signing of a contractual commitment.

e. The data shared with BingoColonial.com will remain recorded on our database, and it’s possible to update it at anytime, even after the cancelation of the account. f. The terms “user”, “you” or “client” refer to any person who accesses or uses the website BingoColonial.com as well as its domains or applications.

f. References to "you", "user" or "customer" refers to any person who accesses or uses the BingoColonial site, its subdomains or applications.

g. BingoColonial.com is operated by Maxxi Media NV. The Maxxi Media NV. is a member of CIGA - Curacao Internet Gaming Association, which establishes the requirements for Gambling License. The number of license Gambling is: 8048/JAZ.

2. Registration

a. The use of the website BingoColonial.com is only permitted for people over 18 years of age, and is strictly forbidden to those under the age limit.

b. BingoColonial is allowed to request the user to provide identification documents or residency evidence in order to confirm the age of the user.

c. All the information provided by the user on the moment of the registration must be accurate, complete and valid, otherwise BingoColonial might request proving documents, and even block or cancel the account if considered appropriate.

d. BingoColonial reserves the right to modify the login or username chosen by the user if considered inappropriate.

e. BingoColonial reserves the right of blocking or cancelling the payment of any prize or bonus in the case that the user is below 18 years of age or in the case that a player places bets on behalf of a person who is below 18 years of age.

f. It is an essential requirement for the users to respect the jurisdictions of their place of residence. Participation at BingoColonial.com has no effect in places where it is legally prohibited. We do not accept players from the United States of America, Albania, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Netherlands,North Korea, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uruguay and Uzbekistan are not allowed to play due to the legislation of the aforementioned countries.

g. Each user is responsible of his/her username and password. BingoColonial does not count with a list of usernames and passwords.

h. If the user forgets, loses the password or for any other reason cannot login to the website, BingoColonial will not be liable and will not respond to any claim regarding this account but it will be able to suggest the customer to recover the password. i. If the user shares his/her login details with other people, the owner of the account will be responsible for his/her acts as well as the consequences. BingoColonial does not hold any responsibility for possible damages.

3. Considerations for the user

a. Each customer will be able to open a single account. BingoColonial does not allow more than one account per player.

b. To maintain the security of the accounts, and the reliability and transparency of the website, BingoColonial reserves the rights to question and reject multiple registrations from the same user, whether or not they originate from the same address, IP address or computer.

c. If a user is suspected of having multiple accounts, BingoColonial may request the user to send a copy of an identification document to verify the information from the account. BingoColonial will establish which documents are required depending on the country of residence of the user.

d. During the account verification process the analyzed account might be blocked, as well of the benefits of the website (including but not limited to: payment method bonuses, participation in promotions, etc).

e. To preserve the security of the accounts and users, and to avoid fraudulent behaviors, BingoColonial might request copies of identification documents, proof of residence, evidence of payments or credit cards at any time.

4. Account Closing

a. BingoColonial reserves the right to terminate any user account without prior notice, if the account is found suspicious.

b. If the user wishes to close the account, he/she should send an email to [email protected] expressing the desire to terminate his account at BingoColonial, including full name, address and username.

c. BingoColonial strictly respects the Responsible Gaming Policy. If a user displays an inappropriate behavior which is not consistent with this policy, the account might be cancelled or preventing measures might be taken.

d. The users accept that, even after closing the account, the information shared with BingoColonial will remain on its database.

5. Welcome Bonuses

a. Promotion bonuses that do not require a previous deposit can be received only once per user and will only be credited after the customer receives a welcome call.

b. The aim of these bonuses is to allow the new users to test the website and the games. This bonuses, or the credits won with the use of this bonus cannot be withdrawn.

c. The welcome bonuses will be credited on a single area. It is not possible to divide the bonuses on multiple areas or changing the area of the bonus.

d. Once the first deposit is completed, the balance of credits generated by the use of the welcome bonus will be reset, leaving a nil balance in the account.

e. In order to receive the welcome bonus it is mandatory to complete the fields requested on the registration process with valid information.

f. The welcome bonuses should be requested during the period of validity of the promotion according to the promotion terms and conditions. Bonuses from expired promotions will not be credited.

g. Welcome bonuses do not count as deposits.

6. Promotion Bonuses

a. In order to receive a bonus – in any of their modes – the user must have a valid identification document number on the account. If any of the required basic account information is missing or is not valid, the user must contact the customer service agents in order to complete the registration with the correct information.

b. Bonuses are calculated according to the promotion active on the website on the moment of the credits deposit.

c. The bonuses will always be credited to the account balance on the area where the deposit was made. It’s not permitted to divide the bonuses into multiple areas.

d. Deposit bonuses should be claimed in the moment of clearance of the deposit and before starting to use the credits. Once the credits have been used (totally or partially) the user loses the right to receive the bonus.

e. If the user has chosen not to receive a bonus awarded for a submitted deposit, the user will forfeit the right to claim the deposit afterwards.

f. Once the bonus is deposited, it is not possible to alter or remove it.

g. The only bonuses to be removed are the ones which were automatically deposited on the user’s account and the user requests explicitly his/her desire to have the bonuses removed before using the credits deposited on hid/her account.

h. Each promotion will establish the minimum deposit required to participate as well as other benefits of the promotion. This amount will be established on the rules of each promotion and in case there is no minimum specified the minimum amount will be USD 20.

i. The promotion bonuses cannot be withdrawn. Only the credits earned by the use of the promotion bonuses can be withdrawn after complying with the rollover requirement.

 j. Promotion bonuses follow specific rollover rules. It is mandatory to follow these rules in order to request a withdrawal. Refer to item 10 for more information regarding the rollover.

k. If a promotion does not specify the rollover on the rules, a x10 rollover rule will be considered.

l. Promotions are not cumulative. If the user is eligible for more than one promotion, he /she must choose a single promotion to take part in the moment of receiving the bonus.

7. Financial Policy

a. BingoColonial reserves the right to modify its financial policies at any time and without any notice.

8. Deposits

a. The minimum deposit amount is USD 20 or its equivalent according the currency selected on the account. Deposited credits are valid for 3 (three) months period.

b. If any of the available deposit methods by error or any other reason allows a deposit lower than USD 20 – or its equivalent in the currency of the account – it will not be considered as a valid deposit to comply with the withdrawal rules.

c. When making a deposit the user must choose the area desired. The options are: Video Bingo, Bingo Room or Casino, Video Bingo Mobile and Casino Mobile.

d. When making a deposit the user must present proof of deposit if needed, so the transaction can be confirmed.

e. BingoColonial uses financial intermediates in order to carry out secure transactions. Each payment processor sets its own terms and conditions for operations. BingoColonial is not responsible for this terms and conditions or for any delay that may be generated during this process.

f. BingoColonial will be able to anticipate the clearance of the credits for some deposit processors, following the procedures established by the provider of the service.

g. The anticipated clearance of the credits is follows an individual limit, calculated by the system based on the flow of deposits, financial history and user behavior.

h. The limit for the credits clearance cannot be modified manually, in case the user wants to increase this limit, he/she should make this request via email at [email protected].

i. BingoColonial does not hold responsibility for the decisions made by the deposit processors. The provider of the service may not enable the service to some users if desired, and BingoColonial can not intervene in these decisions.

j. In the case that a user has pending payments, any income generated – whatever of its origin or destination – will be used to settle the pending payments.

k. Deposits identified as suspicious of any kind of fraud will not be accepted, and can even be cancelled. Any income generated from this kind of deposit will be cancelled and the user´s account might suffer restrictions or even get cancelled.

l. For deposits made with credit cards (available only for some countries), the description GSHORSETACK will be shown on the credit card bill of the user. This description can change, for any queries in regards your purchase contact [email protected]

9. Withdrawals

a. In order to request a withdrawal the user is required to send a copy legible copy of the documents requested by BingoColonial. The documents required will depend on the country of residence of the user and they include an identification document (passport, driver´s license) and proof of residence.

b. It is required to verify that all the information provided (document numbers and bank account information) are complete and accurate to avoid delays on the payments. BingoColonial is not liable for delays in withdrawal payments if the reason for the delay is related to incomplete or inaccurate information provided.

c. In order to request any funds withdrawal the user must have made at least one deposit of minimum USD 20 (in the last 30 days) in the area where the withdrawal is being requested, as well as having placed bets of at least the same amount than the deposit. If the users does not complies with the rollover established for the deposit, a fine of 30% will be applied over the amount left to be bet, on every requested withdrawal. The amount of this fine will be retained to cover administrative costs.

d. If any of the available deposit methods by error or any other reason allows a deposit lower than USD 20 – or its equivalent in the currency of the account – it will not be considered as a valid deposit to comply with the withdrawal rules.

e. BingoColonial uses financial intermediates in order to carry out secure transactions. Each payment processor sets its own terms and conditions for operations. BingoColonial is not responsible for this terms and conditions or for any delay that may be generated during this process.

f. The payment procedure for withdrawals is determined by BingoColonial. The payment will be made by bank transfer through one of the banks that operate with BingoColonial, if this bank is habilitated in the place of residence of the user.

g. For the countries where bank transfers are not available, the payments will be made through Neteller or Entropay in American dollars. If the user account is on a different currency, the withdrawal will be converted into American dollars following the daily rate for the currency. The deadline for the payment is of 30 days, starting from the approval of the documents requested by BingoColonial.

h. Withdrawals will not be paid on accounts of third parties. Withdrawals will only be confirmed and paid out to the account holder.

i. Approved withdrawals to be paid by Wire Transfer will take a maximum of 4 working days, when the amount requested is below USD 2500. This period is counted after the approval of the documents requested by BingoColonial.

j. Approved withdrawals to be paid by wire transfer will take a maximum of 10 working days when the requested amount is above USD 2500. This period is counted after the approval of the documents requested by BingoColonial.

k. BingoColonial uses verification software to analyze the user’s account on each withdrawal request. In case of a detected fraudulent behavior or credits derived from system errors, the account will be blocked and the withdrawal will not be paid. BingoColonial reserves the right to place the actions considered necessary in order to avoid this type of behavior.

l. The users accepts to request withdrawals only if all his/her deposits have been validated correctly by BingoColonial.

m. Any withdrawal might be cancelled if any deposit is still open (not validated) on the user account.

10. Rollover

a. The rollover rule is a requirement established for all websites of online gambling. The rollover describes the number of times that the user needs to bet an amount of credits in order to withdraw them, whether the credits are product of a deposit, or a promotion bonus. Credits earned by plays made with promotion bonuses won’t be liberated for withdrawal until complying with the rollover rule indicated in the promotion.

b. Rollover examples:

Example 1:
Deposit: $100 The user is awarded a 100% bonus (rollover x3) over the deposited amount: $100
Rollover to comply with: $600. ($100 deposit + $100 bonus) x3

Example 2:
Deposit: $ 30 The user is awarded a 50% bonus (rollover x5) over the deposited amount: $25
Rollover to comply with: $375. ($50 deposit + $25 bonus) x5

c. The minimum rollover for all deposits participating on a promotion is calculated by adding the amount of the deposit to the bonus credits and multiplying this sum by the rollover described on the promotion rules.

d. In order to withdraw credits earned by bets made with bonus credits the user must comply with the rollover rule described on the rules of each promotion.

e. In case the credits balance is less than the minimum bet allowed and there is rollover to be complied with on the user account, BingoColonial will disregard the remaining rollover. The user should contact the online support to request the clearance of the rollover balance.

f. The bets placed on the table games of the Casino area and Casino Live do not reduce the pending rollover amount required for each user, so these bets do not fulfill the requirements to perform withdrawals nor comply with the rollover rules of the promotions.

g. This rule applies to the following sections on the Casino area: roulette, baccarat and blackjack. This rule applies to the following games on the Casino Live area: Live Baccarat, Live Blackjack and Live Roulette.

h. The system will only count bets placed with bonus credits once the real credits (from cash deposits) have been completely used.

i. Oposite bets are not valid towards the rollover. Exemple: Player A x Player B, placing one bet in each player to win atleast one bet. Team A x Team B, placing a bet in Totals market, one bet Over 1.5 and another bet Under 1.5. In this cases only the first bet placed by the players is valid.

j. Any bet that can potentially be voided, such as Draw no bet markets and some Asian Handicaps, do not count towards rollover

11. System Error

a. Any problem, disagreement or conflict regarding a wager must be reported to BingoColonial.com via e-mail at [email protected].

b. Any error caused by technical limitations of the user (including but not limited to the operating system, web browser software, internet connection, internet provider, hardware and computer software) shall be the User’s responsibility only.

c. The company also reserves the right to declare void or invalid all bets that are the result of system errors and remove money from a user’s account that has been involved or affected by the system error. Malfunctioning of the games makes void all plays and prizes.

12. Areas of the website

a. BingoColonial counts with three areas on its desktop version: Video Bingo, Bingo Room and Casino. Two of them are also available on its mobile version: Bingo Mobile and Casino Mobile.

13. Video Bingo, Bingo Room, Casino.

a. BingoColonial counts with three areas where the user can make deposits in order to play with real credits.

b. In order to prevent fraudulent movements and to protect the security of the user’s account, BingoColonial does not allow credit transfer between areas. In the moment of making a deposit, the user must choose carefully in which area to make the deposit as it won’t be possible to transfer the deposited credits.

c. In case a deposit is made in an undesired area by mistake, the user will need to contact our online support and the request will be analyzed by the pertinent department. Each case will be individually analyzed in order to verify the reasons for the request and decide if the transfer will take place or not.

14. Responsible Gaming

a. Most people play for fun and entertainment, but for some it might become a problem. To avoid this from happening, BingoColonial follows strictly the Responsible Gaming policies, always considering that our main goal is to provide amusement. BingoColonial establishes the following rules: - deposit clearance limits - bet limits - self limitation and self exclusion - forbidden access to users below 18 years of age - country restriction

b. BingoColonial reserves the right to block or terminate any user account without prior notice, if the insane behaviors are detected.

c. We are available for any questions in regards this subjects, contact us by sending an email to [email protected].

15. Forum

a. During registration the user accepts these TERMS & CONDITIONS and agrees that the use of our company’s services will be regulated by the laws of the Netherlands Antilles.

b. The user agrees that for the resolution of any disputes shall be the courts, administrative authorities and other organizations located in Netherlands Antilles. These organisms and organizations will have the exclusive jurisdiction and will constitute the forum for all disputes arising from, referring to or in connection with the use of this website.

c. Disputes arising from or as a result of this contract can be settled by Arbitrary Conciliation in International Arbitration Chambers, according to the signatories of the New York Convention of 1958.

BingoColonial.com Team

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