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 La Loteria Mexicana

La Loteria Mexicana

La Loteria Mexicana
The Mexican Lottery fits in perfectly with the gaming style of new generations of online gaming lovers.
Combining the best of video bingo and the Mexican lottery Zitro develops an extraordinary machine that will revolutionize your days!
La Loteria Mexicana

How to play La Loteria Mexicana

The goal of the Mexican lottery is that the numbers coming out of each game are on the cards selected by random users before they start. There are several possible combinations that give the user different prizes without having to complete all the cardboard and are made through the rolls (there are 4 in this game) included.
The number of credits earned by obtaining these combinations can be verified in the paytable or the premium table.
As you will see, there are no traditional bingo balls, but these have been replaced by the cards with typical Mexican national lottery figures. Each bingo card consists of 16 cards. Each card, besides having a picture, has a number.
For example, "The Hand" corresponds to the number 21, "The Frog" 54.
There are 54 numbers and the player can play bingo with up to 6 cards at the same time.
The draw also departs from the conventional, because it is not made with the traditional balls but with the cards.
As successes are achieved, the boxes are automatically marked with grains, forming the winning combinations.
In total there are 8 different prizes that can be won as one also has the power to activate a bonus round.
When the draw begins, 29 cards are shown, but depending on the odds, a round of extra cards or "extra balls" can be activated as is known in most traditional bingo games.
This round is a lot of fun, because with each drawn card you hear the announcer chanting the name of the card.
Within the extra round, you can get "Wild" balls, a typical feature of slot machines, which give the player the power to choose the picture they want from the card they want.
This further opens up the possibilities for big prizes within the La Loteria Mexicana bingo game bonus.
Another small detail is that you can set bets at different levels depending on the risks you want to take.

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